Suika BTS Game

Suika BTS Game is an exciting fusion of the classic matching game Suika and a quiz game featuring the popular South Korean band BTS. This unique combination...

About Suika BTS Game

Suika BTS Game is an exciting fusion of the classic matching game Suika and a quiz game featuring the popular South Korean band BTS. This unique combination brings together the charm of BTS's music and the challenge of puzzle-solving, making it an engaging and entertaining experience for fans of both the group and puzzle games.


The gameplay in the Suika BTS Game is both simple and addictive. Players are presented with a grid of small fruits, each displaying an image of a member of BTS. The objective is to match two small fruits with identical BTS images, merging them to form one large fruit. The game features various levels of difficulty, with the number of small fruits and the complexity of the patterns increasing as players progress through the game.

Matching Mechanic

Matching identical BTS images in Suika BTS Game requires a keen eye for detail and sharp memory. The challenge lies in uncovering the matching pairs while the grid is gradually filled with more small fruits. Players must strategize to create matches quickly, as they strive to clear the grid and advance to the next level.

BTS Quiz Integration

What sets Suika BTS Game apart is its incorporation of a BTS-themed quiz component. In between levels or as an occasional bonus round, players are presented with trivia questions about the band. These questions encompass various aspects of BTS, from their music and career milestones to their personal lives. Correctly answering these questions not only adds to the fun but can also provide advantages within the game, such as bonus points or hints to help with challenging puzzles.

BTS Music and Aesthetics

The game's visuals and audio elements are heavily inspired by BTS's aesthetics and music. The vibrant and stylish design, along with a soundtrack featuring some of the band's hit songs, immerses players in the world of BTS. This creates an engaging and immersive experience that captivates fans and appeals to those new to the group's music.

Appealing to a Wide Audience

Suika BTS Game appeals to a broad audience, combining the appeal of the globally renowned BTS with the universally loved puzzle gameplay of Suika. Fans of the band can deepen their knowledge and connection to BTS while enjoying an entertaining puzzle challenge. At the same time, those who love puzzle games can discover the music and charm of BTS, potentially becoming fans themselves.


Suika BTS Game is a delightful and innovative gaming experience that merges the worlds of K-Pop sensation BTS and the classic matching game Suika. By combining puzzle-solving with a BTS quiz, the game offers a unique and captivating experience for fans of the band and puzzle enthusiasts alike. With its vibrant aesthetics, engaging gameplay, and a touch of K-Pop magic, Suika BTS Game promises hours of entertainment and a chance to test your knowledge of BTS while having fun.

How to play Suika BTS Game

Using Mouse

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